Monday, September 7, 2009

Changing It Up A Bit....

Continuous Changes will now be my blog about the lifestyle changes I have been making. I will now be blogging about my everyday life Rockin' Worlds Since 1985! So, if you'd like to know about my everyday life, please feel free to swing on by.

I have realized during these past couple of weeks that goals are extremely important. However, for myself, it is the baby step goals that keep me going strong. I do have a few long term goals, but I don't put those into my mind as strongly as I do the short term, because I do not want to get myself discouraged when I don't reach those goals in 4 days. I will set monthly goals until achieving the long term. I expect to meet the long term goals before next summer.

Short Term-To be achieved and consistent by Sept. 27:
1. Drink more than 100 ounces of water daily.
2. Take my vitamins daily.
3. Introduce and eat more veggies and fruits.
4. Follow the running program I found online.
5. Get into my first pair of "goal jeans" comfortably.

Long Term:
1. Continue with the healthy lifestyle changes.
2. Run a full marathon.
3. Wear size 4 pants, maybe 2.
4. Weigh and maintain a weight of 115.

I weighed myself 2 nights ago at "My Loves" brothers house. The scale read 138.2. At the doctor 2 weeks ago, I was 142. So, i've lost almost 4 pounds. So, i'd like to lose about 23 more pounds.

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