Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Day After....

Well, I woke up to go pee at 7:37AM and O....M....G....I was NOT quick to hop out of bed. I hurt so badly. My muscles were killin' me. I thought I was gonna cry. I went back to bed until about 9AM.

I woke up and ate a nutrigrain bar followed with a lortab for my muscle pain.
Did some cleaning/organizing of my house.
Then, took a break for lunch!
 Side Salad with poppy seed dressing
 PF Changs Orange Chicken(found in the frozen food aisle) with a 1/2 cup of brown rice
All Together!! I loved the PF Changs meal. Love takes most of the chicken and I take the veggies and a couple of pieces of chicken. The flavor was a touch spicy, but not overkill.

I then decided to take a nap for about an hour. Then it was back to laundry.
I needed a little sugar rush so I had...
I love peanut M&M's, but I can't keep them around the house. Luckily(or not), we only had 5 trick or treaters this year. So, I get a lot of leftover M&M's. Uh...I promise myself I will be gentle. 

A few hours later I was ready for dinner. 
I had 2 tostadas with a tostada shell, beans, hamburger meat, cheese and salsa. It was perfect! I really was ready for a simple meal that also happens to be a classic meal in our house :)

Overall, the food was pretty dang good today. Not enough veggies, but I still incorporated what veggies I do have into my day.
We went to the grocery store and picked up some celery, coffee creamer, tomatoes, spinach, and classic romaine salad. After this is posted I am going to plan out this weeks meal plan. I don't normally do that, but I would like to get in the habit of doing so, that way we wasted less food and MONEY!
Tomorrow, I have some pretty awesome things to share with you, including:
*The half marathon recap
*1st weigh in of November
*Fitness goal for 2011

I am sooo excited to be back and working to become consistent in blogging, getting to goal and attaining the fitness level I know I can :O)
How are you doing on your journey? I will be around to visit y'all shortly....

Still Running....In The Right Direction!

Hello, Hello! I hope to get my schedule nailed down and moving a little slower. However, for right now, I will blog when I can catch a few minutes on a computer!

I am still moving in the right direction. Eating well. For instance, today's eats:

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt, Banana, Blueberry, and Strawberry Shredded Wheat Cereal
Lunch: A large salad with a 1/2 cup of soup.
Snack: 1/2 Apple and Peanut Butter
Dinner: Salmon, Spinach w/ Tomatoes and string cheese.
Desert: 1/4ish cup of peppermint ice cream and a mini pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

All in all, I am feeling great. I mentioned a few posts back that I am not weighing myself in October and I have stuck to it. The number on the scale doesn't define me!

The other day, Love and I were talking and I asked him, "Honey, does it look like I am gaining weight?" His response, "No, but you don't look as fit as you did before!" He didn't say it in a  hurtful way, he was being honest and that is exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear. Since that conversation, I realized that I don't just want to eat right, I want to exercise right as well. I want my body to reflect fitness and athleticism.

Here is the plan that I have been following for 2 weeks now:
  • Proper portions of "good for you" foods.
  • No coffee or soda during the week. No soda period!
  • Gym 5-6 days a week. I have been waking up at 4:45AM the past few days.
  • Small desert portions....because I love sweets and if I resist, I will binge. So, small portions it is! :)
  • Run the half marathon next weekend. Uh...I really haven't trained properly, but I am going to run/walk and just do my best :) 

What are the goals you are focusing on for your journey? Losing weight? Being Thin? Aquiring Fitness? 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miles In Muray

Miles in Murray is officiallly up and running! If you could please head over there and follow me so that I can also follow you, that would be awesome!

Thank you guys so much!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Miles In Murray

Workout: 15 minute warmup on eliptical. 3 mile run(28:59).

Half Marathon training has officially kicked off.! I will now be posting at Miles In Murray. Although, you will see a couple of posts pop up here now and again reminding you about Miles In Murray.

Check Me Out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Really Good News for my Waistline!

The White Chocolate Peanut Butter I picked up at the grocery store is gone! At first, I thought it was too sweet. Then, before I knew it I was practically licking the jar! So, now I know not to buy it again. Well, not for now anyways.

I did quite a bit of work on the new blog last night. Go over there and follow now. I will do my first real post next Monday! I am sooo excited. Once I reach 100 followers, I will be doing a giveaway. So, go follow now and tell me what you think so far!

Today's Workout: 5 minute warm up on the bike. Followed by 2.09 miles in 20 minutes on the treadmill. I wanted to go 4, but I was running behind and didn't want to make myself later than I was. So....

Goal of the Day: Do the 6 week 6 pack ab DVD tonight!

I will be back later today for food blogging today's meals!! Have a great day!

Do you run better on the treadmill or outside?
I am definitely an outside runner. 9:15 second miles for 4 consecutive miles outside....that's easy. On the treadmill, I can run a 10:00 mile and be DYING 2 miles in!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Loss

Wow 127.6 today! I lost another 2.2 pounds this week. I really want my REALLY want it!

I did the first day of Jillian's "6 week 6 pack" DVD last night. I have done it before(2 weeks ago) and made it 8 minutes into it. Last night I did 19 minutes. So, it is a work in progress, but my trouble zone is my tummy. I have NO very little ab muscles. I am anticipating this taking a little longer than 6 weeks at 5 days a week :) The plan is to do this DVD Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I really want a nice tight tummy by summer.

As I have mentioned before, I am moving to "Miles In Murray" before or on next Monday, which is the start of marathon training. So, go follow now. I will post for you to follow me about 1 million times from now until next week. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do on it before then, but I will slowly do that over the next few days :) Some stuff you will get at "Miles In Murray":

  • I want to get a little more personal with my fellow bloggers. I want you to know me, not as continuous changes, but as Tiffani. I am the girl that lives in Murray, Utah with my boyfriend and our 2 dogs. 
  • I am going public and sharing with family/friends. I do not currently have many real life friends reading this. Maybe 5 people. 
  • Goal of the Week, Goal of the Day and Goal of the Month.
  • I will post my full training plan and weekly rundowns of how half marathon/marathon training is going. 
  • Exciting events happening in the near future!! I can NOT wait!!
  • Updates on the fun things we do year round. Birthdays, Camping Trips, Vacations, and lots of pictures included. 
  • What I am eating and drinking.
  • and much much more!
Goal of the Day: Run with Lenny after work. It's gotta be quick, Love hates when I run after dark!

What would you like to see on "Miles In Murray"?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Well, I have been a busy busy girl! I can't remember Thursday or Friday so I can't recap it. II sucked at blogging. I was on a roll though. Getting back to that today.

Today's Goal of the Day was to throw away clothes that I am NOT going to wear anymore.It was accomplished. I did that right when I got home from work. I have a HUGE stack of clothes waiting to go to the big brother, big sisters program :) I love donating, it makes me feel so great :)

Saturday morning I was up at 8, but cuddled in bed with my Love and pups. It was so nice. We finally got out of bed at 9. Chad(the boyfriend) had a dentist appointment at 10:00 so I hit up the gym. I did 25 minutes on the eliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill. I have officially purchased a 24 hour fitness membership and so far it is great. I got to the gym at 10:03 and left at about 11:.00. I hit up the grocery store for a couple of items for lunch. Once I got home, I ate a 1 egg and 2 egg white with spinach and tomato scramble, 1 piece of honey whole wheat toast and 2 clementines. Then, I made blueberry chocolate chip muffins. Chaddy LOVED them. I showered and got all dolled up and then sat around for the rest of the day. It was a waste of makeup, but I felt good about myself haha.

Today, I woke up and went to the gym at 10:00 yet again. Once home I repeated yesterday's brunch only with a blueberry muffin in place of the toast. Then, I worked 12-6. The rest of today invovled cleaning out the dresser and closet, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, eating roast(Lovey makes the BEST roast!) and french beans, now I am blogging and then hitting bed. See you with the Goal of the Day tomorrow morning!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

What is your favorite piece of workout equipment at the gym?