Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Day After....

Well, I woke up to go pee at 7:37AM and O....M....G....I was NOT quick to hop out of bed. I hurt so badly. My muscles were killin' me. I thought I was gonna cry. I went back to bed until about 9AM.

I woke up and ate a nutrigrain bar followed with a lortab for my muscle pain.
Did some cleaning/organizing of my house.
Then, took a break for lunch!
 Side Salad with poppy seed dressing
 PF Changs Orange Chicken(found in the frozen food aisle) with a 1/2 cup of brown rice
All Together!! I loved the PF Changs meal. Love takes most of the chicken and I take the veggies and a couple of pieces of chicken. The flavor was a touch spicy, but not overkill.

I then decided to take a nap for about an hour. Then it was back to laundry.
I needed a little sugar rush so I had...
I love peanut M&M's, but I can't keep them around the house. Luckily(or not), we only had 5 trick or treaters this year. So, I get a lot of leftover M&M's. Uh...I promise myself I will be gentle. 

A few hours later I was ready for dinner. 
I had 2 tostadas with a tostada shell, beans, hamburger meat, cheese and salsa. It was perfect! I really was ready for a simple meal that also happens to be a classic meal in our house :)

Overall, the food was pretty dang good today. Not enough veggies, but I still incorporated what veggies I do have into my day.
We went to the grocery store and picked up some celery, coffee creamer, tomatoes, spinach, and classic romaine salad. After this is posted I am going to plan out this weeks meal plan. I don't normally do that, but I would like to get in the habit of doing so, that way we wasted less food and MONEY!
Tomorrow, I have some pretty awesome things to share with you, including:
*The half marathon recap
*1st weigh in of November
*Fitness goal for 2011

I am sooo excited to be back and working to become consistent in blogging, getting to goal and attaining the fitness level I know I can :O)
How are you doing on your journey? I will be around to visit y'all shortly....

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  1. Son yazımda başarı hikayemi anlattım. Gelmek ister misin <3