Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Get To Goal" Week 1

Well, week 1 of "Get to Goal" ended yesterday. Overall, the first week was meh....Food was great Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I had a birthday celebration to attend and drank a pitcher of beer myself. Oops! Did well with food though. Friday, I was hungover and not extremely hungry so I didn't eat much. Saturday and Sunday was decent eating wise. However, I worked out Tuesday and Wednesday, but not after that. I just had excuses and kept saying, I will do it later....aaaand never did. Oh well, moving on.

Weigh in: 124.4

1.2 pounds lost and never to be found on my body again.

I know I could have had more like a 2 pound loss, but I didn't do the work I should have. Next week, I will see the 122 on that darn scale and I am spot on food wise and working out EVERY MORNING before any other task. No questions asked.

I have set up a few mini goals for "Get To Goal". Here they are:
****Weigh under 120--Spending $100 at Guess Outlet(I love Guess, but Utah only has an outlet and I want to try on what I buy.)
****Weigh under 115--New Outfit from wherever I want.

Oh and for now, I am not training for any kind of races. I want to focus on my weight loss and give that my all. I am working on upping my mileage to 24 miles per week(6 miles 4 days a week). I am at about 12 right now and plan on doing 3 miles M,W,F and 4 miles on Saturday and once my body can handle running that nonstop, I will up to 4 miles M,W,F and 5 on Saturday. And so on and so on up to 6. I want to be a long distance runner for life and running really kicks my trash.

"Get to Goal" Week 2:

Monday I ran a 5k in 29:50. That is a great time for me! Eating was in check, even with a family gathering. Ate fruit, a 3''x2'' piece of Love's dads enchiladas(So Yummy!), some funeral potatoes, and a veggie pasta thing. So, it was pretty balanced.

This morning, I did 30 minutes on the eliptical this morning. Tonight I will be doing a workout DVD that came with my new stabiltiy ball. So excited and I might review it, we will see :)
****Goal 110 pounds****
A couple of ideas, Love wants to go to Vegas to see Roger Waters in Octoberish. I fully plan on being to goal by then and think I will use this vacay as my goal. Probably buy an outfit or 2. Will keep you updated on this one :)

I am soooo excited. I can feel that I am soooo close to goal and I am determined to get there!!

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