Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hopes Fading....

Well, my hopes of running the half marathon are starting to come to an end. Between not training enough and now with being sick...I just don't know if the Halloween Half is going to happen. I know I shouldn't say this, but I am okay with that. I reallly want to focus on getting to my goal. Even though, I am still reevaluating what that means.

Confession...I am debating doing 1 round of HCG.
Now, I have always been against the HCG diet because it is a quick fix. Most of the time, they gain all of the weight right back. I don't mean to sound hypocritical, but really, I think it could work in my favor. I have no problem maintaining. I have been sitting at 125 +or- a pound or so for the last 4 months. Maintaining is not a problem, but I am discouraged that I have stopped losing. I know people who have done it and some have succeeded and some have not. I am torn as to whether to try it or not.

Tell me What do you think of HCG?

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