Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking It Back.....

It's been forever since I have been here for a true post! I am sooo very sorry(to those who care haha). We're going to cover a lot in this post:

  • What I have been up to....non healthy lifestyle related
  • What I have been up to.....healthy lifestyle related
  • Weight Loss goals!
  • Goals in general
  • Skinny Days vs. Fat Days
First up, What I have been up to...non healthy lifestyle related:

I went camping 2 weekends ago and it consisted of a LOT of Jager and Rockstars, which I followed up with some cigars and even cigarettes(BARF!). Tangent: I smoked from age 12-18 on and off. Once I turned 19, I was a 1-2 pack a day smoker. Yeah, I was that girl. I was overweight, ate fast food 2-3 times a day, smoked like a chimney, and drank my body weight in liquor. Then, I met Love and that all changed. I have been smoke free(minus the camping trip) for 2 years. End Tangent! I have been working 3 night shifts and one weekend shift at the part time gig. The money is not a necessity per se, I am saving just in case. On my days off from the part time gig, I clean! It's becoming hard to keep up with it. So, I have obviously been crazy busy and let blogging/commenting fall to the wayside. I do read blogs, but do it on my phone and most sites I can't comment on....so, just know I am keeping up :)

What I have been up to.....healthy lifestyle related:

I have been making pretty good food choices, however the portion sizes have been WAY off! Sunday I was up 6 pounds from 3 weeks ago and I believe it. Tomorrow I will weigh in and see how that goes. I am saying a little prayer for sure. With the working/cleaning/camping schedule, I have not had much time to work out. I do 10 minutes even if that is all I have, but didn't workout at all for over a week....so bad! I am trying to pick myself up and move forward.

Weight Loss goals!:

I was at 130 on Sunday and am sooo upset with myself for that. I want to be at 110. That means 20 pounds to lose and it is tough! I am going to give up the scale the whole month of October and see where I am at after the half marathon on the 30th. I am getting my eating/portions back on track and I am getting my cute ass to goal!

Goals in general:

I had originally planned to run the halloween half marathon in under 2 hrs and 10 minutes, however I have slacked in the training department. So, I am just aiming for better than 2 hrs and 16 minutes(the time of my first half). I started my training schedule on Sunday which is 4 weeks later than I had planned. So, I am hoping that the pain of the past 2 runs goes away and I get my fitness back up to par ASAP! Another goal I would like to achieve is get on a strength training schedule. I need some muscles.

As I mentioned above, I began 1/2 marathon training on Sunday. I decided 6 miles was a good amount to shoot for. Mile 1 & 2 were a little tough...I was mentally there, but physically I wasn't feeling great. Miles 3 & 4 rocked! I was cruising and really found my groove! Miles 5&6 I constantly repeated "I am taking it back!" "I am taking my health and fitness back!" "I took the time off and now I have to push to get it back!" "You can do it, you are doing great!"! I finished in 1:03:48s. Which is great for me considering that I haven't run that far since April! It feels good to be back to running! Just gotta stay mentally strong!

Today, I ran 3.5ish miles because my Garmin was being stupid! Check out the sweat on my back and post workout glow!

Today, I ate very well:
Breakfast: Blueberries, Pineapple, Greek Yogurt, and Fiber One cereal.
Lunch: Chicken & Pepper wrap with baked BBQ chips(Not horrible, but my carrots went bad and my tummy was begging for the chips)
Dinner..In Pictures!

I started with 2 handfuls of lettuce.

Add cooked chicken and peppers. Top with Poppyseed dressing!

And  VOILA...a DELICIOUS salad!

I have been having skinny days this week and it is soooo frustrating because I see the change in my body, but then I wake up and I see the 175 pound girl again! It is sooooo frustrating!

Do You Have Skinny Days? How Do You Deal With Fat Days?

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