Sunday, December 5, 2010

The best part of getting lost.... finding your way again!

It is obvious I have been struggling lately. I can't make excuses because I haven't made the time to focus on my running or exercise. I do have time to do it, I just don't MAKE time!

I feel lost, like I am not doing my best in my running. The truth behind it is, I was getting so discouraged because I slacked off on the running and when I tried to get back into it, I wasn't running nearly as fast as when I was doing it like I was running to save my life! It was discouraging. I was turning on the treadmill and wanting to run at 6.0 speed, but my ability was more of a 5.5-5.7. I am still trying to get over that. It is so hard to acknowledge that I let myself slip from being in the middle stages of fitness. I was just starting to get really toned and loving my body to only give it up.

However, after some reflection on the exercise front, I am rejuvenated! I am so ready to drop some more weight and get to my goal of 109. Kelly Osbourne(on the cover of Shape) weighs 112 pounds and I would LOVE to look like that! So, beginning tomorrow, I will be hitting the gym, meeting with Jillian, and running outside(the treadmill thing fell through)!

Also, this week I have challenged myself to food blog every single day from Monday's breakfast through Sunday's dinner!

Here's to a GREAT week! Cheers!

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