Thursday, January 6, 2011

GOTD Update

So, yesterday's goal of the day didn't quite pan out, but I am calling it a success.

Today's GOTD: Make it back to the gym and hopefully run 4 miles!

I did not run. However, I did speak to 24 hour fitness about the best time I can come in. They said between 8AM and 9PM. Well, I work from 8:30AM to 5 PM and then 6PM to 9PM. So, those times don't work for me. So, I gave it my best effort. 

I called up one of the besties(Hi Ash!) and started talking to her. She is a member of Gold's Gym. I asked her if she would be interested in taking some classes with me if I join and she said YES!! Woo hoo! I love getting stinky with friends!

Today's Goal of the Day: Get my booty into Gold's Gym and talk about memberships! 

What is your goal for today? 

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