Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So, My Loves aunt told me via facebook that she wished she had my motivation. On my 3 miler today, that's all I thought about. What is it that gets and keeps me motivated?

*I want to wear size 4 jeans more than I want a 3rd, 4th or 5th slice of pizza!
*Running up the stairs and not being out of breath feels so good!
*People saying "You look GOOD!" and "How much have you lost?" puts the BIGGEST SMILE on my face!
*Losing weight and getting to goal pound by pound improves my self esteem immensely.
*Looking in the mirror and seeing the littlest results makes this whole journey worth it!
*When I have kids, I will be able to play with them!
*Loves looks at me differently and constantly compliments my efforts!
*I don't dread shopping!
*I don't have to think about what i'm going to eat for lunch at lunch time!
*It's gotten so much easier to plan my running into my schedule!
*I will finally run the half marathon i've been talking about doing for 2 years!!

Motivation is within yourself! If you want to lose weight bad enough, for yourself, you WILL do it! It is hard, but it is so worth it!!

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