Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Weekend....

On Friday night, Loves and I hung out at home with Loves brother, "Dude". Dude occasionally comes over to hang out and he's a blast to be around. He definitely bring the interesting conversation. He's a very intelligent guy, but can make you giggle fairly easy! We had some Pei Wei for dinner and then went to bed!

Saturday=HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I was not at all worried that the 2 30 packs of candy bars we bought wouldn't be enough for the little ghosts and goblins, but Loves was worried. I eased his worry by picking up another box of candy bars!! That makes 90 candy bars! We had Cafe Rio for lunch....which besides my eggs for breakfast, was the only meal we ate that day. Bad choice, but I did snack on some fruit and drank lots of water. We came home and popped in "Amittyville Horror", whilst waiting for the little treat seekers. During the movie we got oh....6 trick or treaters. So, we then started watching "Ghost Hunters: Live!" which always intrigues me. I wouldn't want to experience the paranormal, but I am still fascinated by it. Between about 8 and 11 we got about 10 more trick or treaters....and that's it! 16 trick or treaters the whole night and we prepared with 90 candy bars....90-16=74 candy bars left over. Ummm.....I could be in trouble here....SAVE ME!!! Loves and I cuddled til about 3AM when we finally zonked out!

Today, we went to my dad's(as my mother has moved out) and hung with my bro, my dad's employee, and my grandparents for 2 hours. Then....THEN we went and looked at the treadmill I'm getting next week from "Dude"....Seriously, I love Loves brother and totally appreciate him offering the treadmill to me! It really keeps me motivated. The only downside is that we have to pay 100+ dollars to put a new power supply on it, but least we have a treadmill that will basically be brand new again for 100+, instead of one that is for 1,000's :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend!!

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