Monday, April 12, 2010

"It's Alive" and 25!

Ahem, I am alive.

It's been a crazy 11 days! I have a few things to catch up on!

My half marathon is just 5 short days away. I have been constantly doing training runs. I had the WORST training run(10 miles) Saturday April 2. I wanted to die the last 5 miles, it sucked. I finished, but was disappointed with the run. Then, this past Saturday, I attempted a 12 mile run. I ran 11.5 and had had enough. There were a lot of reasons why I stopped, most of them excuses. I was discouraged because of the wind, I felt sluggish and slow. I knew I could go faster, but I just wasn't in the groove of it. I usually run by myself, but this one took place with a friend. We ran by her house and did a run, with the route being whatever we came up with. Bad idea because then I am constantly in my own head. Bottom line, I just felt discouraged, I had the thought in my head that I couldn't do it. I have never doubted myself in that way since the beginning of my journey to the half marathon. I finished 11.5 miles and didn't feel much pain or soreness. Woke up with NO pain and NO soreness Sunday morning which rocked.

Like I said, the half marathon is on Saturday and I am ready! I know I am. This week I will be picking out my outfit, downloading new music, finding my iPod arm band case(been looking for it forever!), finding my camera, hydrating, carb loading, putting my house back together(remodel is almost complete), running the last runs, getting a good nights rest and on Saturday I am Coming Out!! As in, the first time you see the face that is "Continuous Changes", I will have a half marathon finishers medal!! That's right, Kids! I am confident that I will finish!

Like I said the remodel is almost complete. Love and I's weekends for the past 3 months have been full of hardware stores, DIY Projects, Training Runs(for me), new fish tank set up(for him), puppy loving(for the puppy kids), yard work, and have I ever mentioned I also have a part time job? Geesh, I feel like I am lazy all the time, but listing that assures me that I am not. I used to take naps every Saturday and Sunday! I can honestly say, I don't remember my last nap period.

Lastly, I turned 25 on Friday! I am a quarter century old. This birthday was kind of tough, but kind of not. As I have blogged before, my parents are in a bitter divorce battle right now. My mom text me happy birthday, my dad kind of forgot. I had to tell him my birthday was Friday(I am closer to my dad than to my mom, as well.) and it really made me sad. They are very consumed in their own lives so I let the hurt go away and refused to let it ruin my birthday! Love took me to "The Melting Pot" and it was delicious! I ate way too much, but it was my birthday :) So, I splurged! I am excited for what 25 will bring!

I have been reading all of your blogs, I am just not full of comments at the moment. Just know I am still routing all of you on and I love reading about your successes and downfalls(because they are making you stronger)!

Best wishes, y'all! :)

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