Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fear Is Setting In....

Okay, so the half marathon is over and I promise I will eventually stop talking about it ;) I really appreciate....who am I kidding? I absolutely LOVE all of the support you guys have given me through this whole journey! I am back in the blogging/commenting swing of things...FINALLY.

So, my foot began hurting really badly after the half marathon. Being the smarty pants that I am, I decided to take the time to rest it. I took a whole 8 days off of running and exercise. 8 FREAKING DAYS!! The most I have taken off from exercise in the past 9 months is maybe 3 days between workouts.

Anyway, the whole week I got a feeling I have yet to feel on this journey. WORRY! I was sooo worried that in those days I was going to gain weight. In fact, I was sure I was going to. I missed exercising. I missed the way my body felt after a tough workout. I missed my "me time". I just missed everything about it. I did panic a few days. I would tell myself 'You are going to gain weight'....'All of that hard work is going to have to be done again'! Ahhhh....it was driving me crazy.

So, I jumped on the scale to see the damage that I had done from 8 days of no workout and eating what I wanted.


That almost made me crap my pants. My lowest weight thus far(on a weigh day) was 124.6. The thing that made me more excited was I weighed 127-128 the days before and the day of the half marathon.

I have lost 3-4 pounds in that week. Holy crap! HOly crAP! I am soo happy with that. However, tomorrow morning is my official weekend. I don't know what that number on the scale is going to be, but I know I am still eating when my body says I am hungry and I will get to my goal in due time!

I did run Monday. Mile 1: 9:05  Mile 2 & 3: 9:34 Mile .1: 1:00. Best 5k time yet. I am getting better and more focused everyday!

Now, above I said those 8 days were spent eating what I wanted AND they were. I wanted salad, sandwiches with lots of veggies, oatmeal, chicken, greek yogurt, and tons of fruit. My brain has officially made the change from wanting fast food, to wanting the good foods for my body. I did eat sweets and deserts in the 8 days. However, I would eat until I felt satisfied(about half the treat) and handed the rest to My Love. Now how is that for support?

I feel I battled with wanting sweets quite often before I did my 2 week sweet bet with myself. The sweet bet was prompted by the weekend I ate really poorly. I decided I wasn't going to eat sweets for 2 weeks and don't you know it, I didn't. Not one desert, even though I really wanted fro yo everyday! Since then, I eat desert most days, but I do it differently than I used to. Tonight, desert was cottage cheese, fruit and a little agave nectar. I did have a yummy bowl of thin mint ice cream last night.

Now that the scale is moving down, I am kicking it up a notch. I want to get to goal and I want to be in the 110's by my friends wedding in 3 weeks! I have 5 pounds to lose. I have a plan, oh yes, I have a plan.

*I will continue to be eating the way I have. Mostly clean, correct proportions, instinctually, and not too obsessively. I listen to what my body wants and make good choices.
**I am going to run 4 days a week.

***Love leaves for work and I have enough time to do the 30 day shred before showering. So, I am starting that tomorrow AM.
****I am also going to do 8 minutes abs every other day. I love the old school workout videos. They rock!!

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

What is your greatest fitness accomplishment?

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