Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Operation Get To Goal!

I need to set up some "rules" for getting to goal. Does personal guidelines sound better? Yeah, we will go with that!

Personal Guideline 1: Must run/crosstrain 5 days a week. I have only been doing about 2-3 since the half. Even though my weight is maintaining, I know I can put more effort and time into working out. This should be 4-5 days of running. Unless, I really just need a cross training day. I don't want the knee pain coming back!

Personal Guideline 2: Strength training 2-3 days a week. I am going to utilize I will rotate upper body, lower body and do at least 1 stong ab workout a week!

Personal Guideline 3: Netflix or wii fit yoga on Sundays. It is calming and I know I would love yoga if I did it more often!

Personal Guideline 4: No more 9:00 dinners. Love has been working crazy hours and we don't eat until after 8:00 most times 9:00. This includes desserts!

Notice I have not said anything about certain foods to eat. I have been doing great with preparing my meals and eating cleaner. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement from the weekend. I am going to do another no sweets for 2 weeks again. It just makes me feel so good to say no I don't need that like my tastebuds say I do!

To end this post, I would like to announce that my Wednesday Weigh In Results are................


A Gain of .8 pounds! All is well though. Not too discouraged. I earned a .8 gain because I haven't exercised nearly as much! Next weeks weight goal is to be in the 122's!

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