Monday, October 19, 2009

Nike+ Review...

I bought a Nike+ on Saturday morning and was so excited to use it! However, at first I couldn't figure it out! So, I did my 3 miles at the track with my ipod. I later realized it was an easy problem to fix. So, Sunday I put on my "game face" and calibrated it. I ran 1 mile and it was dead on.

Today I took it outside to give it a test drive and it rocks!! Not kidding, the second best investment i've made in my running, the first was obviously my shoes. I had just bought new Asics, so I didn't want to buy the Nike shoes. So, I stuck the sensor under the tongue of my shoe!

I ran 5k today. It's nice because now I can take any route and not have to worry about mapping or anything. I just plug in the Nike+ and go. I ran until it said I was half way through, stopped and stretched for a minute and then ran back the same way i'd come! It was so awesome!

Update on the personal life....I thought my parents divorce was so horrible, but even worse were the details. Not that the reason why they're splitting is awful, more watching who my momma is becoming. She's confused and lost and sad(has been for 15 or more years) and all we want to do is help her, but she feels my dad has made sure that my brothers and I are against her. I feel so terrible for her. I just hope she reaches out for someone and soon. I worry about her everyday. I wake up and my mind is on her, I work and my mind is on her, I run and I think of her. I know in time we'll all heal, but the road to the "healing place" is going to be long and windy, i'm sure. Thanks for all of your kind words! This has been a battle of a week(especially the past 3 days) and all of your sweet words really help me out!!

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