Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Creation Yet.....

Last night, Love didn't get off of work until late, so I didn't eat until about 8:00. Love and I have such different eating habits. He is a meat, brown rice, potatoes, chicken, KFC, hamburgers, kind of guy. No veggies, but sometimes he will eat salad plain salad with lemons or Olive Garden dressing. I, however, love veggies and all sorts of other healthy foods. Like the one below!

This was a tomato basil tortilla(100 calories) with roasted pepper hummus. Then, I heated up some black beans and threw them up. I sauteed up red peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers and broccoli in a little olive oil and topped the hummus and beans with it. Then, added a little peach and mango salsa to the top! So good, so feeling, and truly awesome creation :)

I don't find it extremely challenging to come up with great meal ideas even though Love and I's eating can be really different. If he wants cheese burgers, I am game. He doesn't actually like buns, so we eat them without them. There is some calorie saving we both do. Chicken and brown rice is a staple in our place. I have a salad or I will add some broccoli to the dish to give it some veggies.

NSV on its way! So, Love decided he wanted a shake last night(raspberry, peanut butter cups, and banana.). He is creative. So, I went to iceberg, where I love love LOVE their shakes and I ordered his shake. I didn't order one for me, not because I wasn't allowing it, but because I really didn't want one. Normally, I would have gotten one and just eaten it anyways, but last night I put thought into it and I want to get to goal. I don't want to have to work off all of the calories the shake had in it! Go me :) !!!!

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