Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Way To Start A Monday....

Woke up this morning at 4:45AM and hit the gym HARD! Today was weight training day. I did 1 mile warm up run, followed by quad machines, hamstring machines and hip abductor machines, and ending with a 2 mile run. This is the most I have run in 2 weeks and I only had slight inner thigh pain. I call this a win!

Weekend went good. I did some experimenting on my eating. Trying to just eat a 1/4 c of oatmeal with raisins and peanut butter for breakfast. I was hungry after only 3 hours. Usually 1/2 c of oatmeal w/ PB and raisins holds me until lunch time, which is about 5 hours after breakfast. I am trying it again today to see how it goes. Drinking 120+ oz of water. It's 8AM and I have already downed 24 oz.! That's decent.

Saturday night, I splurged on Girl Scout Cookies....I mean splurged. I had 2.5 servings of tagalongs(mmmm...chocolate and peanut buttery goodness) with is oh.....400 calories, but it didn't stop there. I had 2 servings of samoas and 1 serving of thin mints. Oh well, it was a lesson learned. I did not have ANY yesterday though, so that is good. If I am going to eat anymore of the 4 boxes we have left, it will be 1 serving!

The biggest thing in this journey that I have learned is, it is okay to slip. Whether it be once or twice a month or even once or twice a week, you can still learn about yourself and your weaknesses. In the end, it can make your stronger if you work towards it.

5 things I have learned since I began my journey:
1. I have been in denial for YEARS about my emotional eating. I can now admit that, yes I am an emotional eater. Will I be forever, NO!
2. Exercise AND eating right are must for losing and keeping weight off. It's not just about one or the other, it's about both.
3. If there are constant "splurges" you will never lose. I was trying to have "dessert" everyday, but right now, I just can't do it without over doing it. Once or twice a week is fine, but not every day.
4. My body and mind are a whole lot stronger than I had ever imagined. I have pushed myself to do things I have never imagined(running 7 miles!! Heck yes!) and confronting my emotional eating.
5. I am SO HAPPY with myself when I see that I am losing AND when I gain because I get to reflect and learn how to make myself healthier all around! I used to beat myself up for gaining, but now I realize, it is going to happen and I can work through it!

How was your weekend?

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