Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have pictures of foods I have eaten in the past week. Just not enough time to post them apparently. I have been super duper busy.
  • Worked my second job on Sunday.
  • Saw Kings of Leon in concert last night! Front Row!
  • Hung out at my dad's house. 
  • Dog-sitting for Love's dad.
  • Cleaning.
  • Swimming.
  • Oh, and weighing in at 124.3!
I lost .5 pound this week and that rocks. I haven't been on much of a losing streak lately. I feel I have become obsessive about my journey, so I am not going to put too much pressure and focus on my weight loss. I need to find a common ground between weight loss and living.

I will be paying a little more attention to cleaner eating. I love the way my body feels when I am eating lots of veggies and fruits. I just need to come up with some creative ways to eat clean in a fun way. Suggestions always welcome. I do plan to continue food blogging, I just have to find a good time to do it. Morning? Night? Morning and Night? I will do it. :)

I am on Day 5 of the 30 day shred(will do it right after work!) and I can feel it this time. I am using heavier weights for some of the strength and lighter for others. My legs are constantly sore and I love that feeling.

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