Monday, January 18, 2010

To Snack or Not To Snack....

Last Friday, I brought my typical morning and afternoon snack along with me. I eat a yogurt w/ a Clif bar in between my smoothie breakfast and my sandwich/salad or soup/salad lunch. In the afternoon, I typically have an apple or some grapes because I find myself hungry(not extremely, but slightly). However, I didn't end up eating either snack.

I had my typical breakfast(smoothie: handful of spinach, banana, protein powder, skim milk, 1-1 1/2 cups of berries) and I was not hungry until 12:30. I eat lunch at 1:30 and knew that if I ate even my yogurt, I would still be satisfied by the time lunch came around. So, I skipped it and just let my tummy grumble a little. The same thing happened that afternoon! So, I basically had 3 meals that day and was fine!

I have tried to incorporate snacking between meals in a small and subtle way, but now I am rethinking it. Maybe I will just do 3 meals a day, but I would like to hear your opinion!

What is your meal/snacking plan? Are you a 3 meals a day? A 6 meals a day? Do you eat when you feel hungry? What are your favorite snacks?

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